MiraBelle was born in Monaco, where she lives, works and presents her creations in her studio opened to the public.

Passionate about drawing since her childhood, she approaches painting with watercolor in 2003. Of this preferred medium, were born many high-quality works, "moving bodies" mostly inspired by dance.

"However, I missed something I do not really identified: a certain relief, texture, freedom of movement ..."

MiraBelle get delivered from the technique itself by breaking with the style very codified of this medium to reach a more informal style where the gesture and the textures predominate.

The path won't be long for the artist to find her new way and to give another direction in his painting. The fruit of this research: an artistic approach much spontaneous, a letting go which also leads naturally to lyrical abstraction in  2015.

"My approach is still evolving and it is not the work done that is important but the path that leads me, the magic of the creative process."

Her creations, which drew from the poetry of Mucha, Klimt,  the realism of Lucian Freud and Egon Schiele, are gradually moving toward the world of great masters of  abstraction, that are her main source of inspiration such as Pierre Soulages,  Zao You-Ki, Wang Yan Cheng, Antonio Tàpies...

"My creation is physically involved... I go through construction, destruction, and again construction. Sprays, sluicing, impasto, burning, everything is good to get to the perfect "rendering". I try to represent through my body, my energies, the affirmation of a presence in the world ".

The artist also multiplies collaborations with various creators:  painters, visual artists, sculptors, choreographers,... She also performed covers of two books of Marc D'Angelo: Gamètes and Jamais atteinte.

"This crossover between different sensitivities, a kind of endangerment of our working and creation habits, is particularly dear to me. I consider this as a common and selfless desire falling within an experimental perspective where the artistic exploration is the main goal.”

In 2012 MiraBelle creates the ART'Ochtones Association.  She presides this collective of visual artists of the Principality of Monaco and the neighboring French municipalities.

Her passion for creation led her to experiment with other materials (clay, plaster, ...) and direct her towards sculpture in 2011, under the influence of Mateo Mornar (Monaco) and, a little later, when the sculptor Jean-Marie Fondacaro opens Mirabelle the doors of his studio in Nice (south of France) in 2016.

"I work without a model, I sink into reflection looking for a certain perfection in an unfinished work... I enjoy taking part to each stage of the creation, from the casting process, to the realization of the subject and its patina."

In 2015 the artist create the ART'O Mag, the magazine of her association in Monaco : Les ART'Ochtnones, also distributed "online" on ISSUU and Calameo. Mirabelle is in charge of  the promotion, the graphism and most of the editorial of the magazine.